Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going Private... Sad face:(

I am sad to say that I am going private.

This decision was made for a couple reasons:
~First, I've been wanting to go private for a while but I feel bad because of my friends and family that don't have a blog and will no longer be able to check my blog. (But you can set up a quick one and not even post on it just go to blogger.com)
~Second, I am a pretty paranoid person but thought, what psycho would want to check my boring blog? Well I know they do.
~Third, my sister went private and since I mainly post about her girls (and the triplets when I see them) I want to keep them safe and private.
~Fourth, I'm all moved out and feel more comfortable posting fun things if they are private!

So text me your email address or comment it on this post if you would like to be added to my new blog list at http://www.kristinslovefilledlife.blogspot.com/